Ducray Lenoir was incorporated in 1956 with a view to bringing innovative technology to the booming sugar industry which was one of the main pillars of the Mauritian economy in the pre-independence era. Under the strong leadership of Mr Dominique Galea, our company made its way into the medical sector in the early nineties. Its mission was to make an impact and improve the quality of life of the local population. At the turn of the century, DUCRAY LENOIR took a leap into the pharmaceutical business by opening its pharmaceutical and veterinary division...

Over the years, DUCRAY LENOIR has earned the trust of the Ministry of Health & Wellness, Ministry of Agro-industry as well as most health institutions in the private sector and represents a wide portfolio of reputed international brands.

Today, DUCRAY LENOIR does business overseas through its subsidiary - Medical International - in Madagascar and is also active in Seychelles, Comoros Islands, Rwanda, Eritrea and South Sudan.


We provide complete healthcare and laboratory solutions to Industries, Government bodies, Health professionals, Private Hospitals and Clinics, Educational and Research institutions as well as to the general public. We are an innovative and forward looking organization believing in the continuing personal growth of our people We are totally committed to building long term customer relationships based on trust and outstanding service


Devenir l’intégrateur africain des africains.
Become the Leading African Solution Provider for Africa.



Integrity and Respect

- Compliance
- Honesty
- Moral Courage
- Consistency
- Self Discipline

Customer Focus

- Targeting
- Planning
- Strategic Approach
- Follow-Up
- Customer Service


- Active Listening
- Body Language
- Interaction
- Exercise Empathy


- Creativity
- Enterprising
- Integrating Perspectives
- Forecasting
- Managing Change


- Cooperation
- Leadership
- Conflict Management
- Diversity
- Building Bridges


- Planning
- Reporting
- Time Management
- Training
- Managing Costs


- Reliability
- Knowledge
- Impeccable Execution
- Value
- Process Ownership


Certificate Name : ISO9001 Ducray Lenoir

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